Woman takes initiative to get smart after husband leaves her in the dark.

The dynamics in the book of Genesis never cease to amaze me, and each time I read it I gain new insight. This past time, while reading Chapters 1-3, two very interesting thoughts came to mind.

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Man discovers insight into digital file longevity.

What’s so formal about formatting?

Four out of five people who can somewhat remember life before the dawn of the tech age agree – It’s a task that must be done at some point in one’s life!

If you’re like me you probably have a sizable cache of personal electronic files on the PCs and other devices at home. I’ve been collecting and saving such files since about 1996 when I bought my first desktop PC. My personal files, i.e. the ones I want to keep indefinitely include digital pictures, scanned copies of diplomas and degrees, scanned copies of birth certificates, work-related files, tax returns, home and auto purchase documentation, banking and insurance files, and other similar type stuffs.

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