Contemporary intellectual says Christianity is a much greater threat to humanity than Islam, and he’s right!


There’s an interesting, and seemingly obscure short video clip on YouTube from way back when that we feel deserves a little exposition.  In it the well known American intellectual, philosopher and social critic Noam Chomsky is being interviewed by a journalist and he is discussing his recollection of an episode of the Charlie Rose Show that aired in 2003 in which Thomas Friedman of the New York Times is giving his thoughts on the real motive for the invasion of Iraq.  That’s a mouthful we know, and none of that is really important, but we were intrigued by a comment Chomsky made at the end of the clip.

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Extinct bird and contemporary communists share a similar trait.

commie and the bible

In 1598 a ship of Portuguese sailors landed on the island of Mauritius and discovered, a previously unknown species of bird, known today as the Dodo Bird.  This bird was like nothing they had ever seen before, and having been living in solitude on the island with no natural predators it was surprisingly fearless.  The sailors however mistook this for stupidity therefore giving the bird its name, the “dodo”. (Tolweb)”

Confusion is growing again among the new ‘woke’ generation in America.  It’s a confusion that I’m sad to say has even permeated into the younger ranks of my beloved Generation X.  That confusion is none other than the recurring allegiance to the murderous philosophies of Socialism and Communism, the ‘-isms’ for short.  In an effort to be clear, and to avoid offending anyone reading this, I use the word ‘woke’ above in the broader sense of the term, i.e. those on the left, or right, who are actively attentive to the important facts and issues of the day, especially issues pertaining to real and sometimes ‘perceived’ racial and social wrongs, or those that pretend to be actively attentive to the same.

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