Product Review – Case Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone Corn Cob Jig Lockback Pocket Knife.

Case Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone Corn Cob Jig Lockback.
Case Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone Corn Cob Jig Lockback.

Small knife, big performance!

A little over a year ago I purchased this small Case® folding pocket knife from a shop on Main Street in downtown Columbia South Carolina, and I thought it would be a great idea to tell a little bit about it, and my experiences with it.  My typical everyday carry knives of choice up to this point have been a bit bigger (Benchmade, SOG, Kershaw), but I had been giving some thought to getting a smaller variation. When I saw this in the shop I pulled the trigger and bought it.  

What impressed me most about the knife was the old-school look it had.  It reminded me of the pocket knives my grandfather used to pull out on occasion to cut twine or peel an orange.  It was nostalgic looking, and I liked that.  It also had a good quality feel to it in hand.  Below are the product details form the Case® website.

Product Details:

  • Tru-Sharp™ surgical stainless steel blade
  • Locking Drop Point blade
  • Corn cob jigged Red Bone handle
  • Length: 3 inches closed and Weight: 1.9 ounces

As stated earlier, I’ve been carrying this knife everyday for over a year now and I intend to keep doing so. Here’s my overall assessment and recommendation:

The Look

As far as looks go, the knife has character, period! –  It’s got an old school look to it and it is very durable, and the red bone handle just pops.  I’ve received numerous compliments on the knife since purchasing. The only gripe I have about it pertains to the logo stamps on the scale and on the base of the blade – They were done poorly and are illegible.  Definitely not as clear as the example shown on the Case® website. for this knife.

The Feel

The quality of construction is very high, and the action was great right out of the box – the knife easily opens and closes.  It’s a small knife, but fits great in my hand.  I can get a good grip on the handle, and because it locks, I can get my thumb up on the back of the blade for leverage without fear of it closing on me.

The Carry

Carries well in the pocket (of course), meaning it’s not very big or bulky.  And, The fact that I haven’t lost it yet is proof positive that it’s not too small.

The Use

I’ve been carrying and using this knife on a daily basis and I have to say that it has performed well in all situations.  The blade stays sharp, and it is easy to sharpen with basic tools.  Here are some of the things I use the knife for:

  1. Everyday cuts like clothes tags, open boxes, sharpen pencils, etc..
  2. Small projects around the house like cut floor padding, score drywall, kindling for fires, etc..
  3. Sometimes use it (after cleaning it) to cut food when I’m in a pinch and have no other means.

Overall Recommendation

If you can overlook the poor branding stamps I would highly recommend this knife for everyday carry.

Get more details at:

Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone Corn Cob Jig Lockback

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