America went to the moon, Russia fakes high tech robot.

It’s not every day that two stories show up on my site’s RSS feed that are so seemingly unrelated, and yet somehow so unusually interrelated.  But today was that day.  The first, a story reported by CNN about how NASA has offered an invitation to Steph Curry to visit one of the lunar labs in Houston the next time he’s in town (to play the Rockets) to prove to him that the lunar landings in the 60’s and 70’s were indeed real.  The proof: hundreds of pounds of moon rocks being stored there, the Apollo mission control, and some other first hand ‘stuffs’, as well as a commitment to go back to the moon in the foreseeable future.  The second story, reported by The Guardian, tells of how Russian state-run Channel One tried to convince (mislead) their audience that a man in a robot suit was actually a ‘hi-tech robot’ named Boris.

Read the stories for yourself, they’re entertaining at the least, and mundane at best.  Aside from the skepticism that surrounds the subject matter of each story, what makes them interesting to me, and interrelated, is this – all we really know about anything that comes from man (general sense of the term), is what we are told.  I suppose if I lived in the 60’s and watched the lunar landing on TV, I would have emphatically believed it to be true, and if I was watching Channel One on Russian TV the other day, and I didn’t see the guy’s neck line in the robot suit, I might of believed that to be true too.

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