Millennial Dilemma?

Rise Up AND Be The Change

We’ve all heard or read stories about how ‘millennials’ are the most difficult folks to work with and to mange, and that they just don’t have the grit to make it like the previous generations did, or do. Perhaps in your own experience you have first-hand knowledge of how true this can be. As a proud card carrying member of Gen X, I certainly have taken my fair share of pot shots at the group. It’s fun to raz them about them ‘getting a trophy for everything they did as a kid, even if they came in last’. And yes, I am planted firmly in the camp that believes giving awards to people who come in last is way more detrimental to self esteem than it is helpful or uplifting. But my experiences working with millennials, and managing them have been varied. Yes I have a seemingly endless bag of stories akin to “Why can’t I catch the Pokemon with my phone while I’m out walking on the shop floor?”, and “I usually stay up late, so is it OK if I start my day at 10:00 AM?” I know – sometimes these can be very cringe-worthy, especially hearing them in person. I have also worked with and managed some very hard working millennials with good values and great work ethics who, on any given day, could outwork and outshine anyone in the workplace. Point is – Although there are many startling stats about them, the over-arching stereotype is painted with a very broad brush, and isn’t really accurate.

There are two stats that do concern me though. The first is that millennials are the most progressive group in America today, and the second is that they are the least ‘religious’ group in America today. These two traits typically go hand in hand (Yes, they do), but the consequences of such a pairing for future generations can have disastrous consequences. The blind leading the blind comes to mind. If millennials have no foundation in the truth, then it’s likely that their children will not either. Our Judeo-Christian heritage will erode to the point where it will no longer be the force for good that it once was, if we’re not already there.

Part of the reason for this is that we have allowed secular humanism with its gospel of moral relativism to permeate every aspect of our lives from academia, to the arts, to media. WE have allowed this, and we are losing the intellectual battle in the arena of ideas to psedo-sciences and aberrant theologies. The bottom line is this – the millennial generation is a rich mission field, get out there and spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ to them so that they can do the same for their kids. They need it as much as everyone else does, and we all do!

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