The Tao of Marxism!


Just beneath the thinly veiled facade of Chinese Communism lies the piled-high underbelly of the global elite.

In a recent segment from NPR’s All Things Considered, it turns out that the Communist Chinese are targeting and blacklisting the young Marxists of their country. For what? you might ask. Well, for being good Marxists of course.

Even Marxists don’t like Marxists all that much.

Brought to you from the world view that believes the ends justify the means, Marxism has become the means by which the global elite in China have gained cultural and economic power over their subjects. That power is now being used to thwart the next generation’s efforts to use the same means to take control from them. What a vicious cycle. Reminds me of Quinn’s First Law: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent, and in this case, where the desired outcome is a stable more uniform society, we’re starting to see unrest. Go figure!

The global elite in America are no different. Just like the Marxists Chinese who have lost their appetite to be the champions of the proletariat, the American ruling class have lost their appetite to be the champions for the rights and freedoms of the citizens who elected them.

Don’t be fooled. Whether your handlers call themselves Communists, Socialist, Nationalist, Populists, Union, Conservative, Liberal, Democrat or Republican…you can rest assured – when they all sit down at the table of global dominance to break the bread we all created, they call each other comrade.

Update to original post: No Communist or socialist rhetoric was intended in the last paragraph of this post.

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