Another stunt strategy goes straight to ‘Heart and Soul’!

Salley, SC – Actor and amateur stunt man, Tom Sherman, faced a backlash from fellow coworkers this week after his continued insistence on having the song ‘Heart and Soul’ by 80’s one hit wonder group T’pau blasted during his rehearsals.

pp_hdhl_jan 9 2019

“The song is deep for me.” says Sherman, who at 47 is the only stunt man who can double for the great Irish action hero Fionn Kilkenny. “If I can’t listen to some T’pau while I’m working, I just can’t stay focused.” said Sherman as he bounced off the set after a two story fall from a window.

Kilkenny and Sherman are on location in South Carolina filming the latest installment of the hit series Donegal Heights IX which will hit YouTube in the fall of 2021.

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