Another stunt strategy goes straight to ‘Heart and Soul’!

Salley, SC – Actor and amateur stunt man, Tom Sherman, faced a backlash from fellow coworkers this week after his continued insistence on having the song ‘Heart and Soul’ by 80’s one hit wonder group T’pau blasted during his rehearsals.

“The song is deep for me.” says Sherman, who at 47 is the only stunt man who can double for the great Irish action hero Fionn Kilkenny. “If I can’t listen to some T’pau while I’m working, I just can’t stay focused.” said Sherman as he bounced off the set after a two story fall from a window.

Kilkenny and Sherman are on location in South Carolina filming the latest installment of the hit series Donegal Heights IX which will hit YouTube in the fall of 2021.

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