Extinct bird and contemporary communists share a similar trait.

commie and the bible

In 1598 a ship of Portuguese sailors landed on the island of Mauritius and discovered, a previously unknown species of bird, known today as the Dodo Bird.  This bird was like nothing they had ever seen before, and having been living in solitude on the island with no natural predators it was surprisingly fearless.  The sailors however mistook this for stupidity therefore giving the bird its name, the “dodo”. (Tolweb)”

Confusion is growing again among the new ‘woke’ generation in America.  It’s a confusion that I’m sad to say has even permeated into the younger ranks of my beloved Generation X.  That confusion is none other than the recurring allegiance to the murderous philosophies of Socialism and Communism, the ‘-isms’ for short.  In an effort to be clear, and to avoid offending anyone reading this, I use the word ‘woke’ above in the broader sense of the term, i.e. those on the left, or right, who are actively attentive to the important facts and issues of the day, especially issues pertaining to real and sometimes ‘perceived’ racial and social wrongs, or those that pretend to be actively attentive to the same.

For those who are unaware about the ‘-isms’, and for those who may have been educated beyond their intelligence, they can be described in summary as the socio-economic and political philosophies of total population control by a ruling class of people who have obtained power through direct revolution, or by the slow metamorphosis of a society from one that is truly free (where individual liberties are cherished and protected), to one ruled with tyranny by an elected majority and sometimes a non-elected majority.  These ‘-isms’ have had, and continue to have countless failed attempts at the expense of hundreds of millions of innocent lives, yet still masquerade as noble causes disguised as social justice and moral superiority under the common theme of secular humanism. 

** Editor’s Note – For now we’ll limit this discussion to people only, and refrain from any prophetic predictions of a future dystopian society where AI overlords enslave the human race, or eliminate it altogether.  

To the casual observer the ‘-isms’ look good in theory, or on paper (types begrudgingly), but to the ardent student of history, as well as anyone familiar with basic math – it is at its core a malicious and criminal endeavor.  In simplistic terms, the ultimate goal for leaders and adherents to the ‘-isms’ is total control of society for the sole purpose of total population control where the ruling class will allocate resources as they see fit.  As with any socio-economic or political system however, the one variable often omitted from the equation is human wickedness.  Once a society, or civilization for that matter submits to the ‘-isms’ only one thing can follow – despair!

The Bible says that: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jer 17:9), and that “… all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags,” (Isa 64:6), and that “there is none that doeth good, no, not one.” (Rom 3:12)  This is true for all people on any side of any political spectrum.  But, nobody really likes to hear that, let alone believe it.  So, for them, the path with the least intellectual resistance is to disregard the Bible altogether as folklore, ancient stories, parables, allegories, whatever you want to call it – anything but what it really is – the truth.

This is not an easy discussion to have with folks who have adopted the ‘-isms’ as an ideology to follow, and who are usually atheistic in their views toward the Judeo-Christian God.  The same, without having read the Bible, and/or without having applied the slightest disciplined approach to studying its claims, are so quick to dismiss it as fiction, yet they’ll  accept theories such as big bang, evolution, climate change, gender identity / dysphoria or any other bizarre worldview lock stock and barrel based off of what’s being promoted in all media at the time, or what they read in a textbook 20 years ago in high school.  It’s time for people to wake up and stop being ‘woke’ up.

What I find most interesting about today’s contemporary believers in the ‘-isms’ is the immediate betrayal of their own position once they open up their mouth to make arguments for them. Most of the arguments go like this: “Yes we know it has failed in the past, but that really wasn’t communism or socialism, that was something else.”, or “Those were really bad guys that tried it, if only we could have a crack at it we know we could make it work better, and everybody would be happy.”  Truth is, that no matter who or what group of people end up running a society, at some point the human heart will take over and wickedness will prevail.

In a letter to Jane Mecom in 1773, Benjamin Franklin wrote the following: “And there is Truth in the Old Saying, That if you make yourself a Sheep, the Wolves will eat you.

So how are Dodo birds and contemporary communists alike?  Well, just like the Dodo in its day, the contemporary communist is surprisingly fearless in the absence of its natural predator – educated men and women of faith who know the truth and are not afraid to witness and stand up to this unarmed take over of our country by expounding and holding true to the principles that it was founded on.  But unlike the sailors in the story, we will not label these folks as ‘dumb’ or ‘Dodos’, but as brothers and sisters who have been alienated by a world-view that has convinced them that man in the solution to man-kind’s problems.

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