Contemporary intellectual says Christianity is a much greater threat to humanity than Islam, and he’s right!


There’s an interesting, and seemingly obscure short video clip on YouTube from way back when that we feel deserves a little exposition.  In it the well known American intellectual, philosopher and social critic Noam Chomsky is being interviewed by a journalist and he is discussing his recollection of an episode of the Charlie Rose Show that aired in 2003 in which Thomas Friedman of the New York Times is giving his thoughts on the real motive for the invasion of Iraq.  That’s a mouthful we know, and none of that is really important, but we were intrigued by a comment Chomsky made at the end of the clip.

Chomsky takes issue, and rightfully so, with the fact that Friedman, at the time, was advocating for the use of door to door terrorism by coalition forces on the general population of Iraq to ‘pound the message home’ that we would not tolerate terrorism on our own soil – a kind of eye for an eye approach, but without the killing of innocent civilians.  The conversation then steered to a consensus that there exists in some form a liberal AND a neo-conservative perpetuation that Islam is ‘ of the greatest threats facing humanity.” to which Chomsky quipped: “…Christianity right now is a much greater threat.”, and he’s correct!  But not for the reason he means, or for reasons you may suspect or have been told.

C. S. Lewis in his book Mere Christianity stated that one of the reasons he became a Christian was because, “It is a religion you could not have guessed.”  He’s right.  Christianity has a peculiarity about it that on the surface doesn’t make sense – A man who claimed to be God was birthed into our realm.  He ministered to a small group of followers for a very brief time in his adulthood, then shortly thereafter was tortured and executed because it was required for all of us to be saved.  It is a strange story, and an even stranger predicament we find ourselves in.

None of us willfully agreed to be born, yet here we are, thrust into this cosmic dilemma.  And, out of all the existing world-views available to us from the beginning of civilization, there is only one that most accurately describes our current situation, and which most closely describes who we are as humans – That world-view is the Judeo-Christian world-view.  If there be any argument to the statement that Judeo-Christianity accurately describes who we are as people just log onto your favorite news site, or watch your local newscast, or even still examine your own heart.  The Bible says that we are fallen, that we fall short of the mark (sin), that we’ve aligned ourselves with the enemy who was the first rebel in heaven, and that no amount of good we do can change that about ourselves.  The Bible says that the wages of sin is death.  The only way for God to give us life, and life in abundance the way it was initially granted to us in the garden, is for someone to pay the wages of sin – That was why Jesus had to go to the cross.  He paid the price for us.  When He died it was finished.  No amount of good works or deeds can add to the work that was already done on the cross.

All of the remaining world-views tell you that you can save yourself, or worse – that someday if you work hard enough you will become like God…And, we’ve heard that lie before.  In fact, it’s the reason we’re in this dilemma in the first place.

Christianity, and specifically Judaism and Christianity together are the biggest threats to the world because in them is contained the truth, and the current ruler of this world doesn’t want you to know it!

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