Memo to Aspiring Bootlickers!

The last hundred years of world history have been a harsh school master. Secular humanism has been responsible for more death and destruction than all religious wars in all of human history combined. The continued failed attempts throughout all of the twentieth century to force upon mankind the overtly corrupt social and economic system known as Socialism has been the bane of human existence. And yet here it is again, raising it’s ugly head in America, without disguise, without a façade.

Most would agree that the one thing a well trained socialist agitator loves is a never ending supply of the overly educated and willfully ignorant. I mean that in a literal way. Relying on this pool of self righteous ‘know-it-alls’ is essential for the long-term survival of the socialist movement, even when it goes dormant for decades at a time, as if it ever does. It’s just too bad we can’t export them like other commodities or goods. Or can we? I say that in jest of course (I really do), knowing full well that their staunchest adherents feel the same way about me! Think about it though, wouldn’t that be a terrific table-top exercise in global economics? We could trade all of the socialist-loving citizens that are here in America for the same number of freedom-loving citizens in socialist countries. It would be an even swap. A one for one, win-win for everyone! We could unload a significant number of upper middle, and lower upper class trust fund kids who have been educated beyond their intelligence for a diverse group of peoples from all over the world who are currently suffering under oppressive and tyrannical regimes, and who truly desire to live in a free society. What a world that would be! It reminds me of the America of old, from back in the early twentieth century, back when hoards of peoples from all over the world risked everything to get here to take their part in the American story. But, with the free flowing of peoples comes the free flowing of ideas as well. It’s not a bad thing, but a consequence of living in a free society. Sometimes people have bad ideas, and Socialism is one of them.

In socialism there are only three groups of people: those who wear the boots, those who lick the boots, and those whose necks are under the boots.

Someone, circa 1917

The people who wear the boots are already established, and have been for quiet some time, centuries or more to be exact. They are the ruling class. The political elite. The real enemy of the people! They answer only to a nebulous global cabal of wealthy internationals who little by little have been consolidating all of the world’s wealth into the coffers for creating a new world order. In simplistic terms this effort is fueled by fanning the flames of class warfare and social division across numerous lines like race, religion, sex, political affiliations, contemporary issues, etc. It’s the same game that’s been played for ever by all members of any ruling class – ‘Get your subjects to argue amongst themselves, and they’ll never see you rob them blind.’ The game is about taking control of the ‘means of production’, and to them, YOU are the means of production. But enough about the folks who wear the boots. Their motives are understood, and their methods easy to dissect. Also, it’s of no value here, yet, to discuss the folks who’s necks are under the boot. We’ll get to them eventually in a future post.

That brings us to the topic of the ‘bootlickers’, that cesspool of unelected bureaucrats who already serve and profit from their symbiotic relationship with the ruling class, but I mean more specifically – the ‘aspiring bootlickers’. These are the impromptu ‘community agitators’ that have been wreaking havoc in the streets of some of our major cites of late, and who are rarely being held accountable for doing so. They are a mechanism of disruption for hire at the disposal of the political elite mentioned above. They are young and old alike, employed and unemployed, union and non-union, law-abiding and law breakers, rich and poor, black and white, religious and atheists, etc.. But despite their differences, they all share a common trait: A fundamental lack of understanding of who the real enemy is.

They believe their efforts are noble. They believe the cause is righteous. They pine for the day when they will raise [enter flag of choice here] above their heads in victory over the capitalists pigs and racists constitutionalists, or something like that. Most don’t have that kind of zeal. Or a day when they will call the shots, dictate policy, rule with an iron fist. But the aspiring bootlickers fail to realize one of history’s harshest lessons – no amount of loyalty to the ruling class will ever advance their status within the movement. Ever. If you’re an aspiring bootlicker, you’ve entered the game a pawn and you will leave the game a pawn. Sorry.

Racism and bigotry are horrible things. Sexism and religious persecutions are horrible things. Abuse of power and corruption are horrible things, and on, and on, and on….

Instead of allowing themselves to be used by the perpetrators and promoters of such atrocities, they should join with the overwhelming majority of Americans who denounce such things and who desire real change through civil action, not civil unrest.

Copyright, The Podunk Press 2020

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