Top 5 Reasons Why People Are Asking: “Can I Change My Vote?”

Let’s all take a deep breath and exhale. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s it. Now open your eyes. Here we are, we’re safe, for now. It’s one week before election day in America and the number one trending topic on Google is / has been: “Can I change my vote?” It’s fitting being that we’re still locked here in this syphilitic twilight zone of a year called 2020 with two months to go until we get out, if we ever actually do get out.

My first question for those asking whether or not they can change their vote would be: Why now? What happened this past week that was so compelling that moved you to even ponder such a decision? Let me see if I can guess:

#5 – You made a wager with Draft Kings, but after the Penn State-Indiana game you fear they will renege on their promise to pay up if you win so you’re gonna try and stem the tide the other way, or something like that.

#4 – After watching the last presidential debate, you changed your mind about the other guy.

#3 – Too many October surprises and you’re just confused.

#2 – The Amy Coney Barrett Hearings and Confirmation. Period.

#1 – You actually left the comfort of your on-line echo chamber, and you were amazed to find other real people who have a different opinion about things than you do – So much so that you buckled down to do your own independent research in order to make an informed decision, and what you found made you tremble.

Yeah Right.

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