2020 Election Predictions

Guy examining hanging chads from 2000

Anyone who knows me, or has read any of my feeds knows that I lean to the right with my political views. I make no apologies for that. The reason is simple – I despise socialism. History in the twentieth century is a treasure trove of empirical evidence proving that it simply does not work. It’s not up for debate, nor should it ever be. But strangely in the U.S. it is becoming increasingly more popular year after year. There is nothing morally superior about socialism. There is nothing noble about socialism. There are no degrees within socialism. It is an ideology of death. Socialism is powered by the self satisfaction and self righteousness of its adherents at the expense of the people who they are allegedly working for. If you are, or aspire to be a socialist, you are either willfully or purposefully ignorant of history, or worse – malicious in nature. By their own admission socialists declare, “The ends justify the means.” The Democratic Party of today has aligned themselves with socialists.

Definition of empirical

1: originating in or based on observation or experience // empirical data 2: relying on experience or observation alone often without due regard for system and theory // an empirical basis for the theory 3: capable of being verified or disproved by observation or experiment // empirical laws

Meriam Webster

What Should Happen in 2020

2020 was shaping up to be a breakaway year for the country. The economy was shifting into high gear and we saw record unemployment across all demographics. Then COVID-19 came. People died. It became political. The economy screeched to a halt, and we were trapped in a nebulous malaise, some more than others. Despite the bumpy year, President Trump has maintained solid support from his base, including support from demographics that typically go all in for Democrats. As of the writing of this piece it was reported that support for President Trump among African Americans could be as high as 31%. If true, that would spell certain doom for the Democrats, and as some have suggested could be the beginnings of a possible extinction level event for the party as it is now. Moving on, President Trump continues to draw enormous crowds at his rallies (enormous meaning in the thousands of people, sometimes tens of thousands). Some criticize these events as reckless, but none the less they continue. With stable enthusiasm, growing support from minorities, and a public that is becoming increasingly aware of media bias, President Trump should retain his hold of the 63 million popular votes he received in 2016 and add to it significantly for reasons I stated above. Although he has his issues, and I agree with most who criticize his approach, President Trump seems to have the support of most Americans when it comes to domestic and foreign policy, as well as the economy.

When I look at the Democratic Party of today and their continued move towards the far left end of the the political spectrum (i.e. environmentalism over all, abortion on demand, universal healthcare, open borders, etc..) it’s obvious to me that this is a pull from party extremists rather than a push from the American people. I don’t like it. Also, the folks I know who are registered Democrats, and who typically always vote Democrat DO NOT share the same position as the candidates do on the aforementioned issues. All of that aside – The Biden/Harris ticket is weak. Joe is past his prime to be an effective and attentive leader, and Kamala Harris never broke the 7% approval rating within her own party during the primaries, not to mention that she’s a senator from a state in economic and social disarray (CA). When you compare this ticket against most all other previous Democrat tickets, [with the exception of Mondale/Ferraro (84) and Duakais/Bentsen (88), which were both bombs], it really can’t compare to the powerhouse tickets of Clinton/Gore (92 and 96), or Obama/Biden (08), or even Clinton/Kaine (16). Outside of his base, which consists mostly of elites and community agitators more than common everyday working Americans, enthusiasm for Joe is cold. Joe doesn’t draw the kinds of crowds that Trump does, nor does Ms. Harris at her campaign events. Some say this is by design because of their consideration to the pandemic, but I disagree. If they really had the kind of support that the media reports they have, then more people would be showing up at their events, with masks on to boot, because that’s what stops the spread, right? Most Biden supporters I talk to are voting for him for one reason and one reason only – pure hatred for Trump. That’s it, period.

That brings me to my prediction of what should happen based on what I see, and what I hear.

President Trump should enjoy a landslide victory – wining both the poplar vote and the electoral college by large margins. In January of 2020 I predicted that President Trump was on pace to surpass 75 million votes prior to the impeachment. Based on the support I still see in real life America, and the effort to which the media and big tech are trying hard to hide the enthusiasm on his side, I still say this is a good estimate.

What Will Happen in 2020

President Trump will be the leader and expected winner of the election on Tuesday night, November 3. By Sunday, November 8 – Joe Biden will be declared the winner.

Chaos will ensue.

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