In America, Democracy Rules With an Iron Fist.

If the 2020 election has you doubting whether or not we still live in a democratic society, fret not. Democracy is alive and well in America, even more so than you ever thought!

Count All the Votes

The candidate who receives the most votes (generally speaking) is the winner of the election, and All legal Votes Should Be Counted in the timeframe established by each state. Nobody would dispute that. Moreover, counting illegal votes in any election would destroy the integrity of the election. Everyone would, or should agree with that. But, the folks who have been crying for the past four years about ‘election integrity’ now all of a sudden desire that every vote be counted, no matter if they are legal votes or not. Every vote should be counted, but only every legal vote should be counted in order to have a fair election where confidence in the process is maintained and people are encouraged to participate in it.

Deep into election night, Donald Trump had a commanding lead on Joe Biden. In some states the lead was several hundred thousand votes with most precincts having already reported in. This was especially the case in the key coveted battleground states of PA, AZ, GA and MI. Then the counting stopped. By next morning leads were cut significantly, and as the days passed what looked like a runaway re-election was now a complete 180 in favor of the contender. What happened? Well, mail in ballots happened.

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste

The 2020 presidential election in the United States is a travesty because of the confusion and corruption associated with mail in ballots. Don’t be fooled though. The confusion and the corruption were planned months ago.

President Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel famously said the following in 2008,

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. I mean, it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

The serious crisis that landed in the Democrat’s lap after the final failed attempt to have President Trump removed from office via impeachment in early 2020 was COVID-19. And, in typical Rahm style, The Democrats, along with the media, seized upon this opportunity to begin a public and political campaign to expand support for mail in voting across the nation, especially in battleground states. The strategy was, the longer the lock-downs, the more the need for folks to be able to vote by mail.

Mail In Ballots, The Dark Horse in Any Election

It’s not that mail in voting can’t work, it’s just that mail-in ballots are the most vulnerable to being altered, stolen, or forged. Also, use of mail in ballots for voting has a higher rate of rejection than does in person voting (Spakovsky). Thus far (as of today), there have been numerous allegations, and in some cases documented examples, where mail in ballots were mishandled, processed improperly, tampered with, or altered in some way. Additionally, the rejection rate of mail in ballots in the count so far is significantly lower than what would be statistically expected, especially considering that many millions of Americans were voting via mail in ballot for the first time. In states that have what are now razor thin margins, disqualifying all illegal ballots could put this race back to where it was on election night in favor of Donald Trump.

The Harsh Reality

Do I think 76 million people voted for Joe Biden? No I do not. Do I think Donald Trump will somehow rally support to initiate multi state recounts? Maybe, but doubtful. Does America have the stomach to go through that? No. Should it enrage you that Democrats pulled off one of the biggest election heists in American history. Absolutely.

If mail in ballots were accepted and/or counted illegally, or if they were tampered with – then they shouldn’t be counted, period. If they were counted, and that’s how Joe Biden overcame huge deficits on election day then every American should be outraged! However, most aren’t.

The ‘alleged’ majority of our fellow citizens have been gloating on social media, and dancing in the streets, some even wearing full body, blue USPS mailbox costumes to flaunt the fact that Joe Biden has now been declared by most media outlets to have won because mail in ballots pushed him over the edge. The ‘alleged’ majority of Americans agree that it was ok to steal an election so long as media, big tech and celebrities told them it was OK just to get rid of ‘Orange Man Bad’.

In a democracy, the majority rules. Democracy is alive and well in America, allegedly.

Copyright – Podunk Press 2020.


  1. Howdy David!

    No one on the left is saying count illegal votes. We are saying stop accusing military families who are voting in their state of residence of voting illegally. Quit accusing ballots of being illegal over quibbles on signatures. Quit fabricating instances of fraud without evidence. The count has been fair and observed by Democrat, Republican, and independent. Counting rooms across the country, but especially in Pennsylvania had streaming video available and you can see Pam Bondi and other Trump campaign officials in the Philadelphia counting center observing the count. There is no evidence of fraud as the secretaries of state in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada have been saying. So, please stop making such claims.



    1. Hi Jack,

      Hope all is well, and thanks for reaching out.

      Well, the claims are valid whether you agree with them or not. There are a significant number of credible claims being made about irregularities in the process especially in Pennsylvania where I live. And, as I mentioned in my post, significant statistical irregularities in the rejection rate for mail in ballots considering the volume received.

      Pennsylvania has additional problems with Governor Wolf circumventing the legislative body to get a desired outcome through the judicial, which will be determined as is a violation of the Constitution. Probably more to come on that sooner rather than later.

      I think it was Thomas Sowell who said that election fraud is like pornography, it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Put simply, there are a significant number of irregularities both alleged and observed that I think need to be sorted out in some of these states.

      The Biden/Harris ticket is weak. Joe’s bid was faltering up until South Carolina during the primaries. In fact up till then Bernie Sanders was cleaning everyone’s clock, and Kamala Harris never broke 7% approval rating at all during the primaries. So we’re not talking about a powerhouse team here. Also they ran on extremely unpopular platforms in the battleground states, especially in Pennsylvania where oil and gas are killing it right now.

      I’m an occam‘s razor kind a guy, and the simplest explanation to me typically always is the correct one.

      Do I think 76 million people voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? No I don’t. Do I think they had a little help? Yes I do.

      Where there is smoke there is fire.

      Anyway, keep the stuff coming I enjoy reading it, and reach out anytime brother.

      PS – Congratulations as none of this means anything because I do not think it’s going to alter the outcome.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Howdy David!

        Occam’s Razor suggests that 76 million might not have voted for Biden-Harris, but the simplest explanation is that they voted against Trump mainly for his disastrous and dishonest handling of #COVID19. Not some convoluted voting fraud scheme. No state elections official have reported any indication of election fraud. All of the court cases to date have been dismissed due to lack of standing and a lack of evidence.

        Even if some of the votes are overturned and recounts are held, it is unlikely that Trump can recoup enough to actually win the Electoral College. Biden is ahead by that much in enough states to hold on the EC with anything short of a miracle. Again Occam’s Razor.



  2. Hi Jack –

    Even if we don’t agree on the number of votes in question, at least we can agree that people voted out of hatred for Trump rather than support for Biden. Lots of hypocrisy on the left goes un-noticed, or just plain ignored, and sometimes maliciously ignored. RE: Racism: Did Biden use the N-Word on several occasions in the Senate Chambers, Yes. Was Robert Byrd (WV) a member of the KKK? Yes. Was he one of Biden’s mentors? According to Joe, Yes. Was Biden opposed to desegregating schools? Yes, and I believe Ms. Harris alleged he was a racist in one of the recent debates because of it. So why does Joe get a pass on all of this from liberals? Do I think Joe is a racist? Probably not, but he, along with all other Dems are certainly not held to the same standard the rest of us are. Also, IMHO, Black lives really don’t matter to liberals as evidenced by their lack of action in mostly Democrat controlled cities to stop black on black crimes, as well as their unwavering support for PP which kills millions of unborn black babies each year. I struggle to see how they have the high ground on that issue. RE: COVID: Did DJT force elderly CONFIRMED patients into nursing home in PA and NY? Nope, that was Wolf and Cuomo. Did DJT say come visit China Town everything is cool down here? Nope, that was Pelosi. Did he say the same from NY City? Nope, that was Schumer. Did DJT impose a travel ban from China? Yep Was he called xenophobic for doing so? Yep. And on, and on it goes….

    Point being – It’s a two way street. It can’t be ‘Orange Man’ ALWAYS Bad, and ‘Our Side’ ALWAYS good, because neither of those statements is true.


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