Things Happen, That’s All They Ever Do!

There’s a line I like from one of my favorite songs and it goes like this: “Things happen, that’s all they ever do.” (Dawes 2015) When I hear the song, usually in my car cruising on the highway for work, my mind goes where the song leads and I find myself reflecting some random events in my life.

The Years of My Youth

The song is good and the line is poignant. “Things happen, that’s all they ever do.” My emotions remain positive as thoughts careen from the years of my early childhood to my agonizingly awkward adolescence, and sometimes dwelling a bit too long on the many, MANY twenty-something shenanigans that I often found myself in back then. What a long time ago that was!

No matter, I always end up feeling good about something during that mental exercise. The song makes me feel that in some strange way I get a pass on all the crazy stuff that happened – because aren’t we all just on the receiving end of random events, just dependent bystanders? Not really.

I sometimes imagine myself giving the line as a toast at a wedding. I’d stand up, raise my glass to the crowd, turn to the bridal party and in a serious tone utter the phrase, “Things happen, that’s all they ever do,” then quickly sit down. The guests would be aghast at the wisdom. Things do happen, and that’s all they ever do! The men would raise their chins and nod in confident agreement, the women would tear up, I’m sure of it.

The Good News of the Gospel

After letting my imagination run wild for a little while, I force myself back into reality. It’s not about the things that happen to us every day, it’s more about how we deal with them. Things do happen, but people make things happen, and if you’re reading this then you are a person, and as such you are part of God’s ‘people problem’ whether you like or not, and whether you agree with it or not. But don’t fret, knowing this is a good thing, not knowing it is the worst thing.

As you might have guessed, I offer these musings purely from a Christian perspective. From a man who once was lost, but now is found. Was blind, but now I see. That’s not to say that life is suddenly easy and clear, rather the contrary. With each new day I find inventive ways to stumble, and to sometimes leap into sin with both feet. The writers of the puritan prayers had it right when they called out to God to say that they, “cannot live and not sin.” That is me. Maybe it’s you too. If so, I write this to you in the hope that my words might help you navigate the world we currently occupy. A world and physical reality that is at odds with its Creator. Rest assured that there is a Creator, and He loves you more than you could ever know. Even if you choose not to know.

To say things like: “For me, being a Christian means ____________ (fill in the blank)” will always take away from the true nature of the matter, so you won’t find any of that here. My opinions mean nothing, only The Truth does, and as a Christian I can boldly state that I do know The Truth. I make no bones about it.

If you’re a Christian and you find that surprising, then I challenge you to search scripture deeper. If you’re not a Christian and you find that offensive, then I challenge you to be a follower of Christ.

Copyright – Podunk Press 2020.

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