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The Tao of Marxism!

Just beneath the thinly veiled facade of Chinese Communism lies the piled-high underbelly of the global elite.

In a recent segment from NPR’s All Things Considered, it turns out that the Communist Chinese are targeting and blacklisting the young Marxists of their country. For what? you might ask. Well, for being good Marxists of course.

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Most Americans Still Think Religion Is Important, but….

“With the Christmas season here, most Americans say religion is an important part of their lives, but a record low don’t think religion can solve all their problems.” (Newsmax /Gallup) Continue reading “Most Americans Still Think Religion Is Important, but….”

Millennial Dilemma?

Rise Up AND Be The Change

We’ve all heard or read stories about how ‘millennials’ are the most difficult folks to work with and to mange, and that they just don’t have the grit to make it like the previous generations did, or do. Perhaps in your own experience you have first-hand knowledge of how true this can be. Continue reading “Millennial Dilemma?”