The Light, and the Art of Capturing Light.

Edward Steichen once said that ‘photography [as an art form] was born perfect’, and he was correct. The camera will capture on film what ever the lens is pointed at when the shutter goes off. But the actual end result is something else, something inexplicable – a fusion of what the camera saw and what the photographer felt. Now, this isn’t always necessarily the case, but it can be, if, as John Szarkowski once said, “…one looks with enough intelligence, and with enough wit, and with enough precise enough intuition.” at the surroundings they wish to photograph.

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Street photography is about the people!

It’s a great thing to be out on the street with camera in hand looking for the perfect shot, or the perfect opportunity to capture something meaningful. More importantly it’s a great thing to be out there with the people. It’s the people that make street photography what it is. Continue reading “Street photography is about the people!”