The Light, and the Art of Capturing Light.

Edward Steichen once said that ‘photography [as an art form] was born perfect’, and he was correct. The camera will capture on film what ever the lens is pointed at when the shutter goes off. But the actual end result is something else, something inexplicable – a fusion of what the camera saw and what the photographer felt. Now, this isn’t always necessarily the case, but it can be, if, as John Szarkowski once said, “…one looks with enough intelligence, and with enough wit, and with enough precise enough intuition.” at the surroundings they wish to photograph.

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Millennial Dilemma?

Rise Up AND Be The Change

We’ve all heard or read stories about how ‘millennials’ are the most difficult folks to work with and to mange, and that they just don’t have the grit to make it like the previous generations did, or do. Perhaps in your own experience you have first-hand knowledge of how true this can be. Continue reading “Millennial Dilemma?”

America went to the moon, Russia fakes high tech robot.

It’s not every day that two stories show up on my site’s RSS feed that are so seemingly unrelated, and yet somehow so unusually interrelated.  But today was that day.  The first, a story reported by CNN about how NASA has offered an invitation to Steph Curry to visit one of the lunar labs in Houston the next time he’s in town (to play the Rockets) to prove to him that the lunar landings in the 60’s and 70’s were indeed real. Continue reading “America went to the moon, Russia fakes high tech robot.”