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Things Happen, It’s All They Ever Do.

There’s a line I like from one of my favorite songs recently and it goes like this: “Things happen, it’s all they ever do.” When I hear the song, usually when I’m driving in my car, my mind goes where the song leads and I find myself reflecting on random events in my life. My emotions are mainly positive as I navigate through the years of childhood and confused adolescence until I end up agonizing over some of my early (and sometimes mid) twenties shenanigans.  No matter, I always end up feeling good about something during that mental exercise. The song makes me feel that in some strange way I get a pass on all the crazy stuff that happens – because aren’t we all just on the receiving end of random events, just dependent bystanders? Anyway, the song is a good one and the line is poignant. I sometimes imagine myself giving it as a toast at a wedding. I’d stand up, raise my glass to the crowd, turn to the bridal party and in a serious tone utter the phrase, then quickly sit down. The guests would be aghast at the wisdom. Things do happen, and it is all they ever do! The men would raise their chins and nod in confident agreement, the women would tear up, I’m sure of it. Continue reading “Things Happen, It’s All They Ever Do.”